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I welcome you to Our Holiday Light Shows 2019!  First and foremost, I would like to say a very heartfelt and sincere THANK YOU to all of my guests that came to see my shows. On Halloween night alone, I was blessed enough to have over 650 trick-or-treaters and I had approximately 2,500 guests for the Christmas shows of 2018. The very kind words, compliments, and encouragement are very much appreciated, as always.  After VERY successful 2016, 2017, and 2018 Halloween and Christmas holiday seasons, I am back for 2019 with new shows! I have been working diligently since January preparing for the 2019 Halloween and Christmas light shows. Please check back often under the “Showtimes and Schedule” tab to see continuously-updated dates and show times.  These change weekly during the holiday seasons. Several of the videos from the 2017 and 2018 Holiday Light Shows (and a few from 2016) are posted here, among the various tabs above, on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/holidayjunky as well as at vimeo.com under “Holiday Junky.” More pictures, video clips, and information from the Christmas and Halloween shows for 2019 will be posted over the course of the upcoming holiday seasons!  Stay tuned!

A little information on how it all got started:

From the time my sisters and I were very young, my parents have always made (and they still do, to some degree) a HUGE production of the holidays for us.  Many years later, as my mom puts it, I have, taken what they started and “have gone crazy with it!” It is said that Mom knows best!  So, who am I to argue with Mom?  Since building this home in 2012, we have assembled for Halloween and Christmas family-friendly decorations and light displays for all to enjoy. The past two years we have also synchronized the lights to a variety of holiday-specific music that is broadcast via FM radio for those to hear the music that is synchronized with the many colorful lights from the comfort of their vehicles.  The kind words, compliments, and thank yous that we receive from the hundreds of visitors that come to see our lights annually make it well-worth all the time and effort that it takes to make this possible each year.  This, along with our love of the holidays, well, they are the driving force behind it all.  We invite you to come visit this year to experience it for yourself!  I hope you have enjoyed my attempt with the website as well as the videos and pictures that have been posted!  Thank you to all of our visitors, all those who have helped make this possible, and for all of the encouragement and support from everyone!